Caramel Macchiato at Home

Caramel Macchiato - Eugenie Kitchen

Homemade caramel macchiato

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Mousseline Cream, Fancier Than Pastry Cream


Crème mousseline, mousseline cream – now I’m eating these and I’m loving it!

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Baked German Apple Pancakes


A must recipe this fall: German apple pancakes, braised apple pancakes

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Easy Korean Curry Rice 카레라이스


Curry rice anyone? Today I’m making Korean curry rice, 카레라이스

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Coffee Tuiles Recipe – Crisp French Wafers


Coffee flavored French dessert with lace, coffee tuiles

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Palets Bretons – French Butter Cookies from Brittany


Got an empty cookie jar? Fill it with palets bretons, delicious French cookies.

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A Little Bit about Me & Cooking Schools in Paris

lcb-parisIn demo class with chef Cotte - Le Cordon Bleu Paris

I got an email from a student who was interested in cooking schools in Paris the other day. So I thought it would be great to share some info with all of you as well.

First, I will start by talking about me a little. To me, this path was not really planned. I wanted to study in the old world. So I chose French language and France. After studying French, I thought cooking would be a wonderful hobby. So I registered at LCB Paris. Le Cordon Bleu was my choice because it was the only one I was familiar with – you know it is the school where Audrey Hepburn baked soufflé. Back then I vaguely knew about Ferrandi and I knew Ritz but the school I recognized was the one in Switzerland, not the one in Paris.

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Chocolate Financiers Recipe – French Almond Petit Four Cake

Today I’m making beautifully delicious French petits-fours, chocolate financiers with brown butter. Financiers are basic French traditional sweets and this is one of the first recipes I made at a cooking school in Paris.

It’s really simple to make. How many petits-fours I made during my internship and how delicious they are! Enjoy!!

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Chocolate Chip Madeleine Recipe – French Mini Sponge Cake

chocolate-chip-madeleines-recipe-frenchToday I’m making delicious French mini spongy cake, chocolate chip madeleines. Madeleines are definitely French comfort food. Both baking and eating are so easy. This petit cake is famous because of the episode of madeleines by French writer Marcel Proust. And this is one of the first desserts I learned at the French cooking school, meaning this is a basic traditional French recipe. Continue reading

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Viennese Sable Cookies – Sablés viennois 버터링 쿠키

viennese-sable-cookies-recipe-The first European city I visited. It’s Vienna, a city of dream: Mozart, Waltz, and old historic cafes. Today I’m making Viennese cookies, sables viennois. Those are simple, delicious and perfect for tea time. Try this recipe and enjoy exceptionally crumbly and scrumptious cookies!

It’s basically a 5-ingredient recipe: butter, sugar, vanilla, egg, and flour.

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