Homemade Caster Sugar – How to Make Caster Sugar

How to make caster sugar at home

How to make caster sugar at home

Hi, I am Eugenie. There were so many questions, so I thought I should make one more video today about how to make caster sugar. Caster sugar is also known as baker’s sugar and superfine sugar and it’s good for baking because the sugar crystals are finer and dissolve easily and quickly.

How to make Caster sugar – Homemade Caster Sugar Recipe


    • One cup of granulated sugar


First, add the sugar into the blender and pulse 15 times, or until the sugar becomes finely granulated.

Various Sugars

    • Granulated sugar = everyday table sugar;
    • Caster sugar = superfine sugar = bakers’ sugar;
    • Confectioners’ sugar = icing sugar.



Both a food processor and a blender can be used to make caster sugar because caster sugar. In contrary, a blender is better to make icing sugar than a food processor when making icing sugar.  Read my how to make icing sugar post.

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