Half And Half Substitute Recipe


Half and Half is consisted of half light cream and half milk. It is widely available in America and Canada but in your country you might be having hard time finding it. In that case half and half substitute recipe is indispensable.

Now we should make half and half, a dairy product of which butter content is about 12 percent.

How to Make Half And Half Substitute – Homemade Recipe

for 1 cup half and half


    • 1 cup whole milk which has 3% fat content
    • 4 teaspoons of melted unsalted butter


First, take out 4 teaspoons of milk in the cup, then add in the melted butter. (alternatively, you can add butter first in a cup and pour milk to make 1 cup.)

Now you can use it for cooking and baking, not for whipping. This is a homemade half and half substitute.

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Good to know

Minimum fat percentages in various creams are as follows:

Half and half: 10.5–18%
Light cream: 18–30%
Light whipping cream: 30-36%
Heavy cream (=heavy whipping cream): 36%+
Clotted cream: 55%

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  • http://twitter.com/anniegurumi anniegurumi

    Interesting! I imagine this is more for baking substitutes and not half and half in my coffee? ;)

    • EugenieKitchen

      LOL hahah.. correct. Surely not for coffee and tea! ;)