3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes Glueten-Free, Flourless, Low-Calorie

3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes Glueten-Free, Flourless, Low-Calorie

3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes Glueten-Free, Flourless, Low-Calorie

Got ripe bananas? Here goes a quick and easy low-calorie banana breakfast in a snap. Serve this gluten-free (flourless) healthy banana pancakes with maple syrup and please everyone.

3-Ingredient Banana Pancakes Recipe

For 1 person (10 mini pancakes)


* Don’t add too much banana. The pancake will not hold. There should be enough egg to hold mashed banana together.



First, crack 2 eggs in a bowl and whisk to break.

Then in another bowl add in 1 1/2 large bananas and lightly mash with a potato masher or a fork, but not too much. There should be chunks of bananas to make fluffy pancakes. And use only ripe bananas.

Then add egg mixture and 1/8 teaspoon of baking powder into mashed bananas and stir to combine.

Now cook mini pancakes over medium low heat. 1 or 2 tablepoons for each. When the baking powder is activated, flip it over and cook for about one minute more. You can skip baking powder, but then it will feel like banana omelets rather than pancakes. Blueberries are always good with pancakes. And serve immediately when hot.


Easy and simple 3-ingredient breakfast. I love stacked pancakes.

They should be served with butter, maple syrup, and blueberries.

Bon appetit.

This banana pancake has very light texture because there is no flour in it. It makes simple and healthy breakfast.

Check out my other breakfast recipes in the Breakfast playlist. The link is in the description box.

Thank you for watching. Bye for now.

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If you don’t add baking powder, that will be 100% natural version.


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  • Jessi Andricks

    These were fantastic! I haven’t had real pancakes in years, due to a gluten sensitivity and being vegan. I recently started eating eggs again and this was one of the first recipes I wanted to try. They tasted so much like pancakes and were just as fluffy, and even lighter than the original. Thanks for sharing!

  • Gielian

    Hi, I tried these and had the worst time flipping them :-( I watched your video and you flip it like a pro :-) tips please? I use a non-stick pan too…

    • Christian Montpetit

      I had to add a little flour to make them hold a bit
      Was tasteful tho