Egg Bacon Baguette Breakfast – 3-Ingredient Recipe

Egg Bacon Baguette Breakfast Recipe

A quick and easy 3-ingredient baguette with egg and bacon over stove-top. Try a different way to prepare a breakfast! This was a big hit on Pinterest.

Egg bacon baguette - nested egg breakfast

Egg Bacon Baguette Breakfast Recipe

For 2 egg baguettes
Difficulty: Easy
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes


    • 1 slice slab bacon (2 oz; 55g)
    • 1/4 French baguette
    • 2 eggs
    • Salt and pepper, to season
    • Cooking oil


1. Slice the baguette into 2 inch thick. And make a hole by removing the bread inside. And set aside.

2. Add the cooking oil in the frying pan and heat the pan over medium heat. Meanwhile dice the bacon. Then cook until brown and crisp. And transfer to a kitchen towel lined plate to drain the excess fat.

3. Wipe out the residual bacon fat on the frying pan and lightly spray oil. Reduce the heat to medium-low and place the baguette on the pan. Crack an egg in a cup first and slowly pour it into the hole of a baguette. If you press the baguette firmly with fingers, the egg white will not get leaked out at the bottom of the bread. Season with salt and pepper and cover the pan. And cook for 2 minutes. And flip over the egg nested in baguette. Then cook another 1 minute, or until the egg is cooked to your liking. Repeat the process.


Voila. Sprinkle with bacon on top and immediately serve. This is the best when warm.

This is well-done.

Nested Egg - Eugenie KitchenBut I love the crispy baguette with runny egg inside.


Egg bacon baguette - nested egg breakfast

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  • Joseph Joshua Pacete DuBouzet

    2 eggs in a quarter of baguette + bacon — sinful yet heavenly! YUM!!!

    • EugenieKitchen

      I thought “sinful yet heavenly” was exclusive used for chocolate. :) happy cooking!

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  • Katie

    Hi Eugenie! Just to let you know that your recipes are amazing! I sincerely thank you for your great work and sharing! Will stay tuned for more videos! :)

    • EugenieKitchen

      Thank you so much Katie! xo

  • Katherine

    Hi Eugenie, don’t know why my baguette is soft and not crispy at all. Do you know what is the problem? Hear form you soon :)

    • EugenieKitchen

      Hi, Katherine. Before cooking or after? It’s also important to choose a good bakery to buy baguettes in fact. Thanks for the question. :)

  • Michelle Prieto

    Hi Eugenie. The ingredients call for 2 eggs but the recipe states only one egg is used. When do you use the 2nd egg? Thanks!

    • EugenieKitchen

      Hi Michelle, you can make 2 egg baguettes with this recipe. So repeat the process. Thanks for asking! :)